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Brand film uses emotional and aesthetic appeal to put RECARO in the limelight

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What does the RECARO brand represent? What sets it apart from the competition? The RECARO brand film Feel Performance answers these and other questions in an emotionally appealing way. And it does this so convincingly that it immediately received two renowned industry awards.


At the 2016 New York Festivals TV & Film Awards, the film was honored as a finalist in the public relations category. This annual award recognizes the world’s best media productions. This year, participants from more than 50 countries were entered in competition.

The RECARO brand film also impressed the judges at another international competition, the WorldMediaFestival, where it received the intermedia globe-Silver award in the public relations: brand building category. The festival is a forum for leading communications professionals from around the world. It honors outstanding solutions in the fields of corporate film, television, web, web TV and print.

“We are very proud that the RECARO brand film was able to impress independent international experts in the field. They not only evaluated our entry according to its creative and technical implementation, but also by how well it appealed to our target groups. Above all, however, we are pleased that feedback from our own employees has been so positive,” says Hartmut Schürg, Chief Brand & Design Officer of RECARO Holding. “The concept really came off perfectly.”

Hartmut Schürg, Chief Brand & Design Officer, and Patrick Gevelmann, Brand Director at RECARO Holding
Hartmut Schürg, Chief Brand & Design Officer, and Patrick Gevelmann, Brand Director at RECARO Holding

The film is the successful product of close collaboration between RECARO Holding and Norbert Henning (Bewegtbildberatung), Patricia Masibay (WINGdesign) and the production company Tony Petersen Film. Patrick Gevelmann, Brand Director at RECARO Holding, who was responsible for the film, explains its goal: “Whether it be child car seats, racing shells for automobiles, or seats in commercial vehicles or aircraft – RECARO has a worldwide reputation as a premium brand that is tied to three important core benefits: Ingenious Design, Safety and Quality. The film is intended to emotionally convey these RECARO characteristics to the viewer.”

The film has a modular structure. Its individual units illustrate the three core benefits of the RECARO brand, which the filmmakers have represented using very expressive symbols. “We have explained these symbols using a combination of different visual imagery and have closely linked them to the RECARO brand,” says Gevelmann. We encounter one of these sets of imagery in the form of modern art installations. “With these installations, we have created a space in which it is possible for us to represent Ingenious Design, Safety and Quality in an entertaining and aesthetically appealing way.”

The audience is guided through the individual film sequences by a person who interacts with the visual imagery. As Gevelmann explains, “the human hand assumes a special role. It combines precision, power and a feeling of safety. It also represents the creative power of craftsmanship. This makes it the ideal symbol with which to convey the RECARO values.”

The visual language of the film is convincing due to its aesthetically minimalist images, which are combined with detailed pictures of materials and surfaces. The level of abstraction varies greatly during the film: for example, the theme of safety is symbolized by a protective hand as well as by specific child safety seat applications. On the one hand, products are illustrated with drawings and sketches that are brought to life in animations. On the other hand, these images are also paired up with real-world images of car, child safety and aircraft seats.

Although each of the film’s individual modules could stand on its own, together they create a dramaturgic sequence. Beginning with the tradition of RECARO, continuing to design and ergonomics and then moving on to the products’ innovative safety technology, viewers get a holistic impression of the strengths of the RECARO brand.

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