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Exercising outdoors with child and stroller

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Regular exercise in the fresh air is not only good for you but also a lot of fun, bringing the necessary balance to your life.

New mothers in particular should be careful to also do something for themselves in their new role. Exercise contributes to your physical and mental well-being, but starting to exercise again after pregnancy and childbirth is often difficult – whether due to lack of time or lack of childcare. The solution is simple: Why not combine child, exercise, and socializing with each other? Many new fitness programs precisely enable this, making a babysitter unnecessary. You exercise together with child and stroller in groups outdoors. Such programs now exist in almost every city.

For example in Stuttgart, Germany, where we accompanied Chrissy with her daughter Anna (11 months) and her RECARO Easylife during a training session of LAUFMAMALAUF (RUNMAMARUN). We spoke with Catherine (trainer at LAUFMAMALAUF) about the concept:


Catherine, what is special about fitness concepts like LAUFMAMALAUF?

The program is specifically tailored to the needs of the female body after pregnancy and childbirth. What is special about it is that the child and stroller are integrated into the training, making it unnecessary to organize a babysitter. Mothers can relax and actively spend time with their bundles of joy. And of course the fresh air is good for both Mom and child. We successfully support mothers in (re-)integrating regular exercise into their lives and finding physical, mental, and social balance. The social component is particularly important to me personally. At our sessions, the mothers meet like-minded people with whom they can interact.

When can mothers exercise again after giving birth?

In principle, every woman needs to listen to her own body and decide when is the right time to start exercising again. Provided that the gynecologist gives the “green light” at the final examination, moms can start exercising no earlier than six weeks after giving birth and eight weeks after a cesarean section. In addition, post-partum gymnastics should be started at a minimum.

Can you participate in the training with any stroller?

No special stroller is required, and you can start immediately with any model. But because we train outside all year round, it is important to provide appropriate protection on the stroller – whether to protect from wind, rain, sun, or mosquitoes.

Every walk can easily be turned into an effective work-out, however, because you can do far more with a stroller than just push it: It can provide perfect support during exercise – whether for stabilization during stretching or for strength building with pulling and pushing exercises.

Most providers offer trial sessions before starting regular exercise. Take a look at where courses are available near you:


About Catherine Schulz:
During her six-year stay in Australia, the mother of two was inspired by her group fitness experiences on the beach in Sydney. After the birth of her son in 2009, she decided not to return to her previous job as a personnel development manager and to instead undergo training to become a personal trainer. Since 2011, the family has been living in Stuttgart, Germany, where Catherine supports other women as a certified personal trainer and pre- and post-partum fitness trainer at LAUFMAMALAUF.

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